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Cost Savings
The green approach to communication management!
Traditionally call accounting involved the printing of hundreds or thousands of pages of activity detailing or summarizing telecom facilities by division, call center or end user. gives managers the option of reviewing the same data online in concise easy to read reports and charts. You can print only the detail you really need.

No need for complex in-house software.
This Web Browser Is All You Need!

No longer is there a need for one dedicated computer system to handle your call detail records. HostedCallAccounting accomplishes it all through the same browser you are using right now!

With HostedCallAccounting you will reduce or eliminate the need for:
  • Additional IT Staff / Training
  • Additional office space
  • Additional electricity costs
  • Software upgrades
  • Operating system upgrades
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Maintenance Contracts

Without the need for these costly resources you can reduce expenses and apply to the savings to enhance other areas of your business.

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