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Many organizations have high overhead costs, staff turnovers and little time for in-house software. These businesses often require accurate telemanagement information to allocate costs and track activity. Hosted call accounting removes the need for inhouse software. The service helps companies more accurately manage communication facilities without any investment in equipment or expertise.

The free flow of communication is imperative to your business lifeline. The invaluable metrics collected from PBXs, IP PBX/VoIP Servers, routers and gateways can assist business in configuring and fine tuning their communication facilities. HostedCallAccounting offers a powerful set of reports that can improve network performance, cut misuse and abuse, improve productivity and increase your bottom line.

How can HostedCallAccounting maximize your business potential?

  • Employee Productivity
    By utilizing the HostedCallAccounting metrics (graphs & reports), managers can monitor every employee phone usage activity including the amount of time per day the employee spends on the phone, the numbers dialed and received, and average time the employee places calls on hold.
  • Daily Cost Analysis
    HostedCallAccounting provides reports which detail how many phone calls are received on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. When translated and shown in an easy to read graph, this data shows phone line, staffing and system needs. For example, a seasonal catalog business predicts, on a daily basis, how many phone lines and employees they will require based on historical phone data collected by HostedCallAccounting.
  • Review Client Billable Time
    For those industries that bill on a time basis (such as a Lawyer or an IT Consultant), HostedCallAccounting provides easy to read reports which details how much to charge each client for their phone call time.
  • Regional Call Statistics
    Where your phone calls originate can tell you a lot about what your next business move should be. For example, if your business takes phone orders, you can analyze your HostedCallAccounting Reports to determine which region requires stronger advertising simply because the volume of calls from that region is low.
  • Multiple Office Management
    Franchisors, Executives and Managers who supervise multiple locations each with their own phone systems can recieve all of the call data in one report which can be viewed from this very same browser.
  • Executive Suites
    Executive Suite managers can easily manage the phone system usage for each of their tenants through HostedCallAccounting reports.
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