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Email Notification Triggered by Calendar or by Event
Would you like to be notified on a weekly basis how your call volume is progressing? Would you like to be notified if an overseas toll call is placed?

Product Features
Product Features | Available Reports | How Does It Work?
HostedCallAccounting's revolutionary call management application has all of these features packed into it as well as many more on the way.

  • Unlimited global access
    Reports and call data are available via the Internet anytime, anywhere.
  • Real time reporting
    When you complete a call, you can review details almost instantly. No more waiting for downloaded information.
  • Encrypted data stream/Secure Access
    All data transferred between and our customers can be encrypted for added security.
  • General reports
    Available reports include "Call Detail by Extension," "Hourly Call Totals," “Frequent Phone Numbers Dialed," and many more.
  • Searches
    Look up by caller ID, extension or account code using our search engine.
  • Custom reports
    Do you need a customized report? Our team can build it for you.
  • Saved / Bookmarked reports
    With our quick one-click bookmarking, you can save and recall reports with very little effort.
  • Multi-site reporting
    Do you have multiple sites? This feature is a cost-effective way of monitoring all your offices from one location. See individual offices or combined –you decide.
  • Billing reports
    Do you need to bill for telephone time? With our easy billing setup, you can tag your calls and retrieve totals in billing format whenever you want.
  • Call logs
    Do you need to see call history? Call logs enable you to look at historical raw data.
  • Archiving
    Do you need to archive your call data? This feature allows data archiving for up to 5 years.
  • Reverse Directory
    Don’t recognize a telephone number? Click the number and see where the call is coming from (provided by
  • Message Center
    Our message center gives you direct access to our engineers. Whether you need a custom report or have a question, just send us a message. We’ll reply within one business day.
  • Simple installation
    You don’t need to purchase expensive equipment or software to get started. Our Secure Data Bridge easily connects to your phone system and computer network. Do you need a wireless solution? Give us a call.
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